Drew Horowitz & Associates Interventionists Are Different, Intentionally So


People often ask what makes my team unique when it comes to intervention. The answer is simple: At Drew Horowitz & Associates, we do things a little differently, much to the benefit of struggling families around the U.S.

Two Interventionists at Every Intervention

It’s often said that two is better than one. That’s surely the case during intervention, which is why we have two trained interventionists at every intervention we facilitate. This allows for greater insight and case analysis. One interventionist helps with the family while the other speaks directly with the addicted individual. The two interventionists sync their efforts and strengths, they collaborate and work cohesively to combat the disease of addiction. Outcomes are better, and clients appreciate the extra support.

We are Clinical

The criteria I hold for myself and Drew Horowitz & Associates’ four other interventionists are grounded in the clinical foundation necessary to do the job. Licensure in both addiction and mental health gives us the background and training without which, I can say with absolute certainty, we would be inadequately prepared to facilitate what can be last-chance efforts. Advanced degrees hardwire us with a sixth sense, a feel for the process, that equips us to say the right thing at the right moment and make decisions quickly—decisions that can determine the course of someone’s life and an entire family’s future. Our strong ethical bases and understanding of client welfare ensure that these decisions don’t neglect components that are necessary for protecting people. Unintentional harm is still harm.

Experts in Health Insurance

It’s imperative when admitting clients into treatment that interventionists understand health insurance and all the nuances associated with authorizations: Successful interventions done on our watch don’t stall or halt because of insurance snags. At Drew Horowitz & Associates, we have vast knowledge of health insurance, prior authorizations and the processes necessary to obtain insurance go-ahead. Our team can thus set expectations for families and loved ones when preparing to get a person into treatment. Navigating the admissions process as we do ensures that a person who’s willing to get treatment gets treatment!

Masters of Intervention

Experience counts. Drew Horowitz & Associates facilitated nearly 200 interventions in 2021 and anticipates doing even more in 2022 as we are fluent in intervention—a fluency that comes only from providing a service often and successfully. We hold ourselves and each other to an established set of standards, performing interventions professionally, ethically and confidently.

Thank you for partnering with us to help those struggling with substance use disorder. Our dedicated team of clinicians is ready and expertly able to service individuals and their families seven days a week. How can we help? Who can we help?

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