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Women; Recovering In Spite of Everything

Having conducted hundreds of female Interventions, a trend emerging is an increase in more severe physical conditions and mental health symptoms because of untreated addictions. Addiction, known as a “disease of isolation”, has been further compounded by the pandemic. Families I …


For Intervention, Clinical is Key!

Doing intervention like we do at Drew Horowitz & Associates means traveling around the country, often to remote locations. What does this look like? Well, long days in flight and behind the wheel of old, high-mileage rental cars; two-star hotels …


Families Get Confused, and That’s OK!

When it comes to substance abuse, one thing is sure: Families get caught in the chaotic whirlwind created by a loved one’s addiction. And they struggle to comprehend the insanity that accompanies active addiction. We often refer to addiction as …