Women; Recovering In Spite of Everything


Having conducted hundreds of female Interventions, a trend emerging is an increase in more severe physical conditions and mental health symptoms because of untreated addictions. Addiction, known as a “disease of isolation”, has been further compounded by the pandemic. Families I have worked to intervene with have often gone months without seeing a loved one who was not seeking needed medical care, experiencing loneliness and depression, worsening anxiety and spiraling downward.

With Covid concerns lifting, families have been visiting more, witnessing the decline and fearing the worst for their loved one. Day to day, I am witness to women who are suffering tremendously, and who are experiencing a more severe health impact; liver, kidney, nutritional deficits, weight loss, more fragile and deconditioned states. All of these factors serve even more for addiction to thrive and physical and mental health to suffer greatly. The longer one’s health deteriorates, there is increased risk that can lend to challenges for admitting an individual to treatment and first needing hospitalization. Resistance is often more about one’s fear and shame. The longer addiction is left untreated, the more distorted one’s thinking becomes making them even more vulnerable for getting the help they so desperately need. The support of the intervention process can often be the lifeline that empowers a woman to agree to seek help. An intervention is an absolute show of love and support.

Addiction is devastating; not only for the individual, but to an entire family. Nothing is more frightening than seeing your loved one, your Mother, Sister or Wife in such a fragile state and caught in the grip of addiction. So often in families I have supported, the woman is the active caregiver; the lifeblood of the family. No woman ever plans on addiction. Societal pressure and gender roles can contribute to a woman feeling paralyzing shame and guilt that keeps her stuck. Fearful of the stigma and judgment of others, the addiction gains power, taking over more and more of “her” and family seeing literally, and figuratively, less and less of the person they know and love.

Families can rely on our team of professionals, a group of highly trained and experienced clinicians, to create an action plan along with you, maintaining confidentiality, dignity and respect. We work with you to identify your love one’s needs, then coordinate the best care facility option for them. We will guide you every step of the way providing coaching and support. With three decades of experience and clinical skills, I offer a family systems approach that is firm and loving in hopes to empower a woman to agree to lifesaving help. Addiction thrives on division. The Intervention strives to present unity disrupting the cycle. There are solutions for healing for your loved one and your family. Let us be the solution.

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