St. Paul Sober Living

St. Paul Sober Living Homes for Men

Since 2001 St. Paul Sober Living has been committed to providing quality, supportive, well-organized sober-living residences for men and women looking to begin to live sober and develop a full life in recovery.

We operate 100 beds in 11 houses:

  • 5 Men’s houses in St. Paul, MN
  • 3 Women’s houses in St. Paul, MN
  • 1 LGBTQ+ house in Minneapolis, MN
  • 2 Men’s houses in Carbondale, CO (The Aspen Valley)


  • Commitment to a minimum of six-month stay
  • Active participation in Alcoholics Anonymous, including at lease three meetings weekly
  • Employment of at least 32 hours weekly, or reasonable combination of school, employment and volunteer work
  • Hold a weekly service commitment to AA or other approved community volunteer activity
  • Attend the house meeting weekly where group inventory and other house issues are discussed as well as an organized 12 step study group
  • Mandatory active 12-step sponsorship with required face to face weekly meetings. This sponsor must be experienced and capable of guiding the newly sober person through the twelve steps
  • Demonstrate a desire to grasp and develop a healthy sober life