SoberDome Sober Living

Through community and empathetic support, we hope to provide all our residents with the tools they need to succeed once they leave us. SoberDome is more than a place to recover – it’s your home away from home.

No matter what your personal needs are, we have a fit for you at SoberDome. Our specialized Recovery Home focuses on providing a warm community as well as reducing the stresses of daily life for residents so they can focus on getting back on track. Take advantage of a truly compassionate environment where you are never alone.

Since opening our doors, our beloved geodesic dome built by renown humanitarian activist Marie Castle in 1983 has provided an open and supportive community to all of our residents. The peaceful and spacious environment has provided a bedrock for rebuilding lives, one day at a time. Here, you will find the support and encouragement you need along with Mother Nature’s assistance along the miles of wooded walking paths right outside the front door.