Safe Haven Sober Homes

Safe Haven Sober Houses in St. Paul (Summit Hill)

Safe Haven Sober Houses serve as a safe and secure location for individuals in recovery. We provide a beautiful location in the heart of the recovery community, which helps promote a healthy manner of living. The homes allow a space to grow and experience a healthy connected lifestyle while continuing to enrich sobriety.

  • Onsite live in house manager
  • 7 bedrooms (10 available beds)
  • 2 Full kitchens
  • TV’s and Wifi on each floor
  • Free Laundry services
  • Within walking distance of public transportation
  • 2 cats and 1 dog


  • Commitment to a minimum of six-month stay
  • Active participation in AA or NA, including at least 3 meetings per week
  • Must find employment at a minimum of 25hrs per week. School, volunteering, aftercare programs or a combination of the three are acceptable.
  • Obtain and be working with a sponsor
  • Service commitment weekly
  • Weekly house meetings and house chores
  • Mandatory Sunday dinner