Judy’s Place Recovery Homes

Judy’s Place Recovery Homes | Sober Living for Men

At Judy’s Place we consider ourselves a family. Our staff consist of its founders who offer support based on their personal experiences and successes with Recovery. We have unique skills sets that we utilize in a variety of ways whether it be home operations, resident relations, recovery community outreach, and more. We are available to answer questions or provide resources to people, families and friends of people looking for recovery.

We provide much more than just a place to lay your head. Judy’s Place provides realistic structure for our residents. We are a place where people come who have the desire to carry out real change in their lives. Whether residents come in by way of treatment centers, returning to society from incarceration, or on their own accord, all our residents receive the same opportunity to gain the tools they need to grow and rebuild lasting futures. With the willingness of a resident and support of the end goal from loved ones, we can help people assemble a life worth living, free of drugs, alcohol and with purpose.